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Brandon gay day buenos aires

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Every gay and lesbian club featured the same scene with aired same music. For starters, places for men and women were very clearly divided, and the trans community had no safe space to meet up.

The idea of what gays and lesbians looked like was also quite homogeneous, not to mention stereotypical. The Brandon Parties started out small and were held every Wednesday. Brandon gay day buenos aires computers just starting to take over every household at the turn of the millennium, the first year of Brandon found Lisa and her colleagues handing out flyers — by hand, mind you!

Brandon started holding poetry readings and plays, and even organized a film and a book club. Photo by Mili Morsella http: In short, to really live as a community rather than just dxy about it. Virtual world aside, Casa Brandon lived up to its title, and served as a real home to Lisa and the rest of the crew.

It was the place where brandon gay day buenos aires felt most protected and loved.

In many ways, that sums up what Casa Brandon has been doing since it started brandon gay day buenos aires It talked about disease and grief. It provided a stage for trans artists such as Susy Shock. It has become a place of activism, so much so that the group that went on to demand and write a new legislation for HIV and AIDS treatment was created thanks to a Ciclo Positivo.

It reaches people in a much more sensitive way, and I find it to be a wonderful tool to communicate and propose changes both culturally and socially. See author's posts.

JorEverbrandon recordsBuenos Airescasa brandonlgbtiqlgbtiq communityqueer. Love, Visibility, Respect: About the Author.

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